The Jersey Association Of Directors and Officers

Representing Directors and Officers in Jersey since 2011, we work with industry, regulators and legislators in Jersey to maintain clear communication for our members

The Jersey Association of Directors & Officers (“JADO”) was established on 17 May 2011 to represent individuals acting as Directors or Principal Persons as well as other company officers within Jersey.

We aim to provide a unique forum for member communications as well as a conduit for information flow between industry and local bodies such as Jersey Finance Limited and the Jersey Financial Services Commission.

We strive to be a well informed organisation that works with industry, regulators and legislators in Jersey to maintain clear communication and the highest standards of corporate governance amongst its members.

We welcome new members to the association and trust that you will benefit from our endeavours.

Our mission is to Provide members with regular and fast track information, comment and analysis on matters relating to the broad work of directors in Jersey;

Offer a variety of forums for directors to discuss, debate and share information by establishing regular meetings, networking, CPD sessions and JADO web-based discussion forums; and

In pursuit of these goals:- become a representative body on local matters that relate to the work of directors in Jersey, be they legislative, regulatory or economic.


We provide our members with a conduit of two way quality information flow which is primarily Jersey centric. We offers a voice before industry, the regulator and other local bodies for directors operating in Jersey whether they be full-time or part-time professionals. Our members enjoy the monthly CPD events, Annual Dinner, CPD conference as well as networking events throughout the year.

Who can join

The Committee of the Association has resolved that it is necessary to establish guidelines in respect of the professional background of the individuals in Jersey whom the Committee is seeking to attract to become members of the Association. To view the full guidelines please click here.

What are the benefits of joining?

To view our membership FAQ, please click here.

what we do

At JADO we pride ourselves on offering our members events and forums to ensure they are receiving benefit from their membership.


We provide members with regular and fast track information, comment and analysis on matters relating to the broad work of directors in Jersey.


We provide members with various events including networking, monthly CPD, Annual Dinner and CPD Conference.

unique forum

We offer a variety of forums exclusively for JADO members to allow them to discuss, debate and share information with each other.

Our next event

JADO CPD: "Passing through the Eye of a Storm"

Date: Thursday, 18 July 2019

Venue:New Location PBS, 1 Liberty Wharf Building


JADO's next CPD event takes place on Thursday 18th July at One Liberty Place (PBS workspace/the old Tourism Informaiton Centre) at 12.30pm when Peter Lucas will present on "Passing through the eye of the storm", details of which are below:

“In strong tropical cyclones, the eye is characterized by light winds and clear skies, surrounded on all sides by a towering, symmetric eyewall.” (Wikipedia)

With the 2007-9 financial crisis now just a dot in the rear view mirror, some may be tempted to think that the worst is now behind us. After ten years of bull market conditions such thinking is understandable but almost certainly wrong. The imbalances that precipitated the market crash are still very much with us and the eerie calm that has descended on markets is much like the passing of the eye of a storm: a precursor to more turbulence rather than a sign that all is well. In my presentation I will examine the causes of the crash, the reflation effort that followed and the reasons why market volatility is set to return in the years ahead.

Speaker:Peter Lucas

Time:12:30 - 14:00



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