What are the benefits?

      • Regular meetings to encourage cooperation and news flow;
      • Regular Association Newsletter including hot topics, legal updates, relevant news articles and other matters of specific interest;
      • Regular information flow relevant to activity such as legislative changes, regulatory news, international updates and local items of interest;
      • A schedule of appropriate Continuous Professional Development events relating to the work of the Association’s members;
      • An elected committee who will represent the Association and manage the Association’s priorities and strategy;
      • A link into the Jersey Funds Association, the Jersey Association of Trust Companies and Jersey Finance Limited;
      • Participation on certain local working parties as they arise and involvement in consultations issued by various bodies from time to time;
      • A voice before the Jersey Financial Services Commission and a conduit for information flow to and from the regulator;
      • Twice annual informal meetings of members for the purpose of networking updating and sharing of information;
      • Opportunity to raise, from time to time, suggestions for consideration by the regulator;
      • Access to a website with news updates, links, articles, networking opportunities, Q&A forum and access to all the most commonly required materials.
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I am already a member of the Institute of Directors, what is the difference?

JADO is a non-profit making organisation focused on the needs of Jersey directors and officers and provides a conduit of two way quality information flow which is primarily Jersey centric. JADO offers a voice before industry, the regulator and other local bodies for directors operating in Jersey whether they be full-time or part-time professionals. The Association will also facilitate physical and online network user groups for the dissemination of information and discussion. It is envisaged that each forum will consider real issues and produce practical solutions that may be considered by industry, the legal fraternity or regulator for example. In this way, the wealth of experience and knowledge can be utilised for the greater good and in time, it is hoped, this will have an increasingly positive effect on the Island’s business environment.


There are several industry associations in Jersey why do we need JADO?
The existing associations naturally focus on the core reason for their being established for example the Jersey Funds Association centres its activities in the funds arena and the Jersey Association of Trust Companies primarily on Trusts.  JADO focuses on local directors alone – this is a very important group of specialists operating at the coal-face of industry bringing to bear the Island’s wealth of experience and knowledge. Having a voice, being represented and well-connected is increasingly important today.

Are Associations of this nature genuinely effective?  Will JADO really make any difference?
Interestingly JADO is potentially one of the most effective associations of this type.  It comprises a great many local industry leaders both current senior executives as well as semi-retired and retired CEOs and senior managers.  Many of these individuals have served on a variety of boards for years and between them possess the lionshare of the Island’s intellectual capital.  JADO aims to represent this pool of experience and knowledge and bring it to good use in the fields affecting its membership. Its voice will certainly be new but we firmly believe, bearing in mind the calibre of its membership, nonetheless powerful and effective. Given a voice before various local bodies and authorities and a well-chosen elected Committee, JADO will make a difference.

Will the Association develop relationships with other local bodies such as the JFL, JFA and the Commission directly?
Yes.  It is important to work with other connected groups and in particular the Commission who have already embarked on their newly instigated on-site examinations of licenced directors. Other relationships will be sought as the Association develops its strategies.

Is JADO to be a sub group of an existing Association?
No.  JADO is an entirely independent non-profit making organisation established as an unincorporated association in Jersey.

I may consider membership of JADO in order to gain access to relevant ‘up to the minute’ information and possibly make a contribution to papers and issues I deem important but I don’t want my name listed anywhere or my details shared.
Confidentiality is very important. We have employed the services of an independent professional secretary who alone will maintain a register of members which cannot be shared.  Data protection laws apply to JADO in just the same way as they do to any other similar body.  The Association wishes to avoid both marketing of its members and the cascading of irrelevant CPD offers from groups who are really only trying to sell something.  Information provided through the JADO conduit will always be of wide membership appeal, relevant, pertinent, useful or informative.

What does it cost?
Annual subscription is £150. This includes access to all of the benefits, seminars and educational programmes at no additional cost. Please note the reduced membership rate of £100 for individuals from not for profit organisations